With Julienne you are prepared for tomorrow’s customers.

Your customers pick up themselves

Your customers are well informed about your offer. Because they have already admired your offer in real time in the app. Now they know which delicacy they want, and they know when they want it. They quickly order via the app and pay. Afterwards, all they need to do is pick up their already packed order from you. 

Deliver to your customers

Customers now take it for granted that a restaurant delivers. And the popularity for food delivery is growing. Your customers order via app and pay for the order directly. Your employees only have to bring one order after the other to your customers.

Spoil your customers at the table

Eating on your own couch is comfortable, a visit to a restaurant is unforgettable. Your customers reserve a table with you via app and place an order directly. When your customers arrive at the agreed time, you have already served them their meal. Business people at business lunches in particular, but also families with children, will thank you.


Do you love to spoil your customers with service and wonderful dishes? 

Then apply to become a Julienne partner and we’ll get back to you soon! 

We work with hand-picked restaurants that care as much about fairness and sustainability as Julienne does. This is how Julienne becomes a seal of quality for gastronomy.

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