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Bye, bye plactic waste!

Sustainability is in our DNA. That’s why we want to eliminate the use of disposable packaging. With Julienne, you can order your food free of charge and without a deposit in sustainable reusable bowls. Regardless of whether you pick it up yourself or have it delivered to your home. Sustainability should not cost more – in our case it is included. 

Each bowl replaces at least 200 disposable packages and circulates through the system in just a few days. 

You want more sustainability? 

Do you dream of a sustainable world like we do? Together we can take a step closer to this dream! We have integrated the Eco-Game for you. For every order, you can get the maximum sustainability out of it. Simply opt out of disposable packaging such as bags, cutlery, and pouches. The Eco-Game is your new tool for a better world. 

We say Merci! 🙏

We are proud of you! Everyone who uses Julienne is saying yes to the environment, to fairness towards the catering industry and to their own influence for a better world. Thank you for that! To remind you of your success, you have your own personal dashboard. Here you can track your contribution in detail. You can do a lot on your own, but together we can change the world. 

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free?

We live in a time in which stereotypes in the kitchen are increasingly disappearing. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free – not long ago, these were terms that many smiled at. Today, fortunately, you can find them in almost every restaurant in an unprecedented variety. 

To help you navigate through the offer, we have built in filter options for you. You can choose which diet or which ingredients you prefer. 

Julienne reusable bowls

Did you know that in 2020 alone, 53% more waste was generated due to plastic packaging? According to a study by HAW Hamburg, this is mainly due to the to-go and delivery business. The result: overflowing bins filled with mountains of Styrofoam and disposable packaging!  

Julienne has found an environmentally friendly solution for this: You can now pick up your food in sustainable reusable bowls at restaurants or have them delivered. 

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What does the Julienne community say?


4,7 Stars in the App Store

Great app, great concept!
The app is super lovingly designed and intuitive. Regardless of this, I find the idea of Julienne super! I have the feeling that I can actively help the gastronomy. I now only order via Julienne and never have to wait in line. Top!
(Translated from German)
Great concept, great service, thanks for the work! ❤️
(Translated from German)
Super App!
Looking forward to Julienne being available in my town too! I hate it when you are hungry and without cash. So the little cafe around the corner can also become digital.
(Translated from German)
I can only recommend
Very good concept, where you can see the vision and the idea. I can only recommend. Thumbs up and let's move on.
(Translated from German)

We love our gastronomes

Sustainability is in our DNA, fairness is our motto. Mutual respect and fair business conditions characterise the cooperation with our restaurateurs. We offer fair conditions so that restaurants are happy to switch to us. Together we are creating the future we all desire. Are you in? 

Julienne reusable bowls are good for the

Environment 🌱, Restaurants 👩‍🍳 and Customers 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

No plastic waste

One Julienne reusable bowl can replace at least 200 disposable packages. That adds up to around 8 kg of plastic waste saved per reusable bowl.

No costs for disposables

Disposable packaging is not only bad for the environment, it also costs money. The reusable bowls completely eliminate the costs for disposable packaging.

No costs for use

Environmental protection should not cost extra. That’s why there are no costs for customers and restaurants to use the reusable bowls when using Julienne. No costs and no deposit.

Clear conscience

Picking up food and especially having it delivered is convenient, no doubts. If only there wasn’t the bad conscience of plastic waste. From now on, you can order food to your home with a clear conscience.

Start now to order fair and sustainable food with Julienne 

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