Your smart companions into the digital future

Julienne Marketplace

The Julienne Marketplace is your new digital business hub. This is where you control your digital offer in real time. All changes are immediately available to your customers. Are you spontaneous or do you plan ahead? In both cases, the Marketplace is right for you and your business.

Julienne Terminal

The Julienne Terminal runs on all tablets (iOS and Android) and is the new interface between you and your customers. Here you take the order and inform your customers about the preparation in real time. Busy at the moment? Use the slider to adjust your lead time to the situation.

Julienne Scan App

Each of our deposit-free reusable bowls has a unique QR code that you can easily scan with the Julienne Scan app. In the blink of an eye, you can hand out the bowls and take them back again. This is how the cycle closes.

Julienne Pilot App

Do you offer deliveries? Then the Julienne Pilot app is the new tool for your delivery team – your pilots. It is developed in such a way that a login is not necessary and external pilots can also deliver the orders.

Digital Menu

You don’t have a website yet or would like to have a beautiful digital menu? We can create a digital menu for you with all information in a flash. The convenient thing is that it is always up to date and adapts in real time to the data from the Julienne Marketplace. So you only have to maintain it in one place.

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We work with hand-picked restaurants who care as much about fairness and sustainability as Julienne does. This is how Julienne becomes a seal of quality for the gastronomy. 

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