Digitize your
Gastro business
with Julienne

Fair and sustainable

At Julienne, we love good food – and even more the people behind the hard work. Therefore, our mission is to support owners of restaurants and other shops in the digitalization of their offer. 

Mutual respect, a fair business relationship, environmental protection and the best possible experience for our customers are our top priorities.

Your customers order via app

Your digital offer is presented to all customers directly on their smartphone with great reach. The product selection, payment and pick-up/delivery process is completely digitalized. In short: Your team cooks and we take care of the entire order process.

Julienne reusable bowls

Our reusable bowls are not only a sustainable alternative to disposables. Customers love them! After all, it’s simply fun to eat directly from the bowls on the go or at home. Not only do they feel good, but they also keep the food warm and in good shape.

Julienne Cycle

What our partners say about us

Zum Lahmen Esel,

Julienne was the absolute salvation for me at the Corona time. The restaurant business was turned upside down and it was time to move my offering online. However, like many other colleagues, I was worried about being ripped off by a delivery service. With Julienne, it was a completely different experience. It’s more friendly than anything else. In fact, during the hardest lockdown months, we didn’t have to pay any commission at all. I can really recommend Julienne wholeheartedly!

(Translated from German)

Why become a Julienne Partner now

More revenue

Let’s get down to business. You still think phone orders are the nonplus ultra? Julienne opens up new channels for customer loyalty and increased sales. Welcome to today.

More service

We are partners. And we grow together. We are always there for you and always listen to your needs. Seriously, we’re just a WhatsApp message away.

More environment

Sustainability is in our DNA. We develop all our products with a focus on the environment. Together, we shape the world the way it should be.

All benefits at a glance

No revenue?
No Costs!

Julienne offers you fair conditions. You only incur low costs if you make sales with Julienne. Still new and no revenue yet? In that case you don’t pay anything.

Costs for transactions?

Fixed and variable transaction costs arise, for example, for payments with credit cards, direct debit, and other third-party providers. With Julienne, these are already included.

Monthly fees?
Not with us!

Subscriptions seem like a good deal but ask you to pay even before you’ve had a benefit or even if it’s not right for you. We say no to monthly fees.

Deposit and fees for bowls?

Sustainability is close to our hearts, and we are strongly committed to it. Our reusable system is therefore free of fees and deposits for both customers and restaurants.

Apply now as a partner

Do you love to spoil your customers with service and wonderful dishes? 

Then apply to become a Julienne partner and we’ll get back to you soon! 

We work with hand-picked restaurants that care as much about fairness and sustainability as Julienne does. This is how Julienne becomes a seal of quality for gastronomy.

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