Digitize your
Gastro business
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Price list

We offer a one single fair rate for all partners. With the low fees, you can offer your products at Julienne for the same price as on site, but digitally and with more features. 

Fairness starts with transparency. With us, there are no hidden costs in small print. We are proud to be able to offer such low prices.  

All prices are net prices plus legal VAT.

Set-up fee

299 €


With the one-time set-up fee, you already get all the tools you need to instantly digitize your business and take your sustainability to the next level.

Usage fee

7,5 %

0,29 €

from revenue through Julienne

per order via Julienne

7,5 %

from revenue through Julienne


0,29 €

per order via Julienne

We do not ask for subscriptions, as we do not think subscriptions are a fair solution. Our model is based on a small user fee that is charged on top of the Julienne revenue. In short, you only pay if you generate sales with us. No revenue, no fee. We believe this is fair because we are partners and only jointly successful.  

In addition to the percental usage fee, we charge a service fee of 0.29 €. This includes, among other things, the fees for payment processing. For you, it means that you don’t have to worry about credit cards and third-party payments. We take care of these fees for you.

Use of reusable bowls

Free of charge

The use of our reusable bowls s free of charge for you and your customers, i.e., there are no subscription or filling costs. In case of a loss of the bowls (e.g., handing out the bowl without scanning the QR code) we have to charge you a replacement fee of 8,40 €.

In the starter package you receive 72 reusable bowls free of charge. Since we have a cycle and the reusable bowls are distributed to all partners, it can happen that you have too many or too few. We make sure that the reusable bowls are redistributed. So, you can supply 72 customers at the same time with the starting package. If it is not enough, you can increase your contingent to supply even more customers with reusable bowls at the same time.

Benefit calculator

Calculate your concrete benefit with the benefit calculator. Enter your expected turnover and we’ll show you how much you’ll get out of it.

Optional packages

Photo shoot for your products

200 €

optional, one-time

You love your products? So do we! Let us organize a photo shoot for your products. Our analyses have shown that products with pictures sell better. After all, your eyes eat with you as we say in German (we didn’t analyze that).

Terminal Device Rental + Setup 

15 € + 50 €

optional, monthly + one-time for set-up

For sustainability reasons, we rely on your existing devices (iPad or Android tablet). If you don’t have a suitable device, you can borrow a pre-configured device from us, including an aluminum stand and charging cable.

Receipt printer

On demand

We assume that no receipt printer is needed due to the digital solution. However, if this is the case, an existing printer (Epson) can be used. Otherwise, we will support you in procuring a printer upon request.

Menu Support

29 €

optional, monthly

The Julienne Marketplace is designed so that you can manage everything yourself. Just log in and adjust the prices – they change in real time for the customer. You’ve taken new photos? These can be changed quickly. New product, extra or category? Even that is done quickly.  

Are you too busy to take care of the menu? Then just let us do the work and we’ll keep your menu up to date. However, we can’t take care of seasonal or weekly/daily menus that need to be constantly updated.

Additional reusable bowls (pack of 24)

50 €

optional, one-time

You get 72  reusable bowls with the starter pack. Not enough? Then simply stock up. We offer you additional bowls in increments of 24. The amount is only charged one time, the further use is free of charge as usual.  

Please note that we offer a standard price (regardless of the bowl type) and that it is not possible to mix bowl types within the 24-pack.

Apply now as a partner

Do you love to spoil your customers with service and wonderful dishes? 

Then apply to become a Julienne partner and we’ll get back to you soon!  

We work with hand-picked restaurants that care as much about fairness and sustainability as Julienne does. This is how Julienne becomes a seal of quality for gastronomy.

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